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Saguy has been a top producing broker at Sotheby's International Realty Quebec for the past 11 years.

Recognized for his negotiation skills, his marketing abilities and his deep knowledge of the local real estate market.

Saguy has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate and has completed well over 1,000+ successful transactions. Constantly featured in magazines, tv shows, social media platforms and contributes regularly to articles in The Gazette on various real estate topics.

Saguy’s cadence stems from the satisfaction of his customers. You will benefit from his extensive experience, attention to detail and his constant commitment.

In 2020, he opened his first storefront real estate boutique in Downtown Montreal. When working with Saguy, you will benefit from his six full-time staff members, who are dedicated to their client's growing needs. We know that real estate is one of the most important investments and our team is devoted to their success.

Call Saguy today for a 20-minute no-obligation meeting and you will quickly see why he is a driving force in the Quebec real estate market.

What drew Saguy into Real Estate? +
An initial passion and admiration for architecture and design is what motivated Saguy to persue his studies to become a real estate broker. As he became more familiar with the business, the constant flow of meeting people and dealing with the various situations at hand has solidified his confidence in his career choice. Saguy has seen many extraordinary properties throughout his several years in the business that have been equally complimented by their extraordinary owners. His passion only continues to grow each and every day, as he enjoys being part of making any type of property go from ordinary to extraordinary and ultimately exceeding his clients expectations.
What do you remember from your first sale?+
I remember the rush of excitement knowing that I had just concluded a sale of over $800,000 and that both the buyers and sellers were extremely happy with the outcome. Even though there were some apprehensions from some about my first sale, all went smoothly and I was commended on my work as being precise and accurate. This was the stepping stone into something bigger for me, I realized then that even though I truly appreciated the business, the sheer joy of supporting my clients through each step was gratifying. After I put up my first sold sign, there was no stopping me and I have been living and breathing real estate since.
What do you credit for your success?+
I am lucky to have a tremendous support system around me including family, friends and of course my assistant. Very easy-going in personality, I manage to care of everything presented to me, which is accented by my hard-work and determination by constantly wanting to grow and learn to only better myself for the benefit of my clients. Having had a good network of buyers and sellers as a solid base to build my business on, I have made many new relationships with a new client base and have received many referrals from them. This only confirms that my personalized approach to selling real estate and my relentless urge to grow is noticed and is a huge part of my success.
Why did you join Sotheby's International Realty Québec?+
As I am constantly striving to offer only the best for my clients joining Sotheby's International Realty Québec was the obvious choice for me. I can now offer my clients a luxury standard in service. The Sotheby's International Realty Québec brand offers a unique marketing approach to real estate that no other agency can offer. As my background is in luxury product sales, I am comfortable in catering to my ever growing clientele and I am very happy to offer extraordinary exposure to my clients. The wealth of knowledge I have learned whilst being with Sotheby's International Realty Québec has more than exceeded my expectations.
What is your advice to someone buying / selling a home?+
First and foremost, you must contact a professional. A home, is usually someone's largest and most precious asset therefore consulting and using the services of a professional is key. Buying or selling is such an important transaction and should be done by a professional; the same way you go to the dentist to fix a cavity, because you can't do it yourself. We are currently in a new age where printed ads represent only part of the necessary marketing exposure needed for any property. Our team is well-versed in all facets of marketing and will be able to provide your property with the maximum exposure.
What distinguishes you from other agents?+
I believe that my clients and success in the industry speak best for me. I truly believe that less is more therefore I am not one to oversell a property or myself. I do my best to keep all my clients comfortable and informed which in turn has a positive outlook on their perception of real estate brokers. I have experience tremendous growth over the past few years courtesy of my growing knowledge of the real estate market in Montreal and my extensive network of buyers, developers and contractors. I have been told that my energy is contagious, my personality shines through on every transaction and that my young, french and innovative outlook on things are some of my best assets.
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