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Saguy is different-
I have dealt with many prestigious agents in the past, and I can tell you that very often I could not wait for those agents to leave my property. Saguy is different. He is a good listener and if he thinks he can do it, he will do whatever it takes. He will do it in his own way, at his own pace and with a lot of charm. No false promises, no harassment, but he always returns a missed call. I guess a lot of the oldies have to learn from this young man. I have recommended him in the past and will continue to do so. Please don't change.

Diane P. | Côte Saint-Luc
There is no fluff and no false promises with Mr. Elbaz-
After contemplating selling my condo in Griffintown, Montreal, in early 2012, I had the opportunity to meet several agents who were interested in the listing, one of whom was Saguy Elbaz. Without much persuasion, I was immediately convinced that my property was in the best hands possible with Mr. Elbaz. There is no fluff and no false premise with Mr. Elbaz; he calls everything like it is and is realistic and calculated in his approach. If he does not believe in something, he won't commit to it. When he does commit, his determination, creative approach, and realistic expectations are unparalleled.

We listed my condo during a time when the condo market was becoming highly saturated in Griffintown. With Mr. Elbaz's creative approach, he was able to tap into his network of affluent potential home buyers that did not typically consider Griffintown as an option for buying a home. He consistently brought in new buyers, some of which were unfamiliar with the area, and wowed them with his knowledge of the potential of the area, and how it could suit their home buying needs.

While there are usually peaks and valleys of momentum when showcasing a property, Saguy maintained impressive hype surrounding our listing for five months straight!! There were constant visits from serious, qualified buyers at least 2-3 times a week, sometimes more. In total, Mr. Elbaz was present for all 55 visits, an unbelievable number. Not only was he present and on time, every time, but Mr. Elbaz gave full, detailed tours to each buyer and educated them on the neighborhood and surroundings.

A promise to purchase was accepted after the 20th visit, and failed due to an unfortunate unforeseen circumstance on the buyer's behalf. Mr. Elbaz was able to quickly re-strategize and keep the momentum going despite the setback.

As he himself predicted, the feedback and lack of offers afterwards was due to the fact that our 4 1/2 was converted into a large 3 1/2. We finally took Mr. Elbaz's initial advice and re-converted the condo to a 4 1/2, and it sold immediately. If only we had listened to his straightforward remarks and commentary on the day he first visited us, the place probably would have sold right off the start!

It all turned out to be a fantastic situation. Before the renovations were even completed, Mr. Elbaz had three buyers bidding over the property! And all of this in a saturated condo market (all the more impressive). Our property ended up selling for above asking price, a feat that we never would have imagined.

I can say a lot more about Saguy Elbaz, but this story perfectly depicts his creativity, professionalism, knowledge and extremely quick adaptation to situations. I will not refer just anyone to Mr. Elbaz, only those who are ready for results, and ready to hear it like it is. And that's music to my ears.

Justin S. | Griffintown
He was professional & charming-
Relocating from Montreal to Florida was a stressful time for me and my family. We had to list our house in Montreal with the pressures of finding a new one in Florida. We were worried and stressed! A family friend suggested that we contact Saguy Elbaz. Despite our many hesitations of using an agent, we did. We gave him a call, and the next day he came to our home, gave us an in home evaluation & bluntly told us that he will sell our home. We signed with him based on his presentation and kept our fingers crossed. Saguy and his helpful assistant Alice came the following day with their Photographer and the process was underway. The reaction was excellent and Saguy kept us posted throughout, giving us detailed follow ups on visits and buyer’s hesitations. After we found our buyer, which we are still friends with now; Saguy put us in contact with an agent in Florida which found our lovely condo in Sunny Isles Florida. What was most impressive, Saguy kept in touch with the agent regularly and really gave her a feel on what we were looking for. Overall, Saguy turned this stressful situation into a pleasant change. He was professional, charming and did exactly what he promised. Highly recommended!

Linda V. | Westmount
I felt reassured-
My work often keeps me away from the city and sometimes for long & unpredictable periods of time. This worried me a lot when I decided to buy my first condo last year. After meeting Saguy, and discussing with him exactly what I wanted, I felt reassured. He asked me all the right questions and brought up points I never even though of. After 5 days of visits and seeing about 12 condos; We found it! Although I was willing to offer almost asking price, Saguy insisted that we negotiate harder and saved me a considerable amount of money. He found what I wanted, at the price I felt comfortable with and did it in record time.
Keep up the good work Saguy and thank you again for the Christmas basket.

Susan C. | Ville-Marie
Down to earth & informative-
I remember me and my husband’s nervousness and anxiety when we decided to stop renting and purchase our first home. That Sunday we decided to go visit the local open houses and get familiar with the surrounding market. After a couple visits, we visited Saguy’s open house on Av. Melrose in NDG. He was down to earth, informative and had a solid understanding of the NDG market. We asked him for his help and met him later that evening. He helped us to develop our 'wish-list', critically view properties and navigate our way through the real estate market. After 5 weeks we found our home thanks to his help. My husband told me he had a good feeling about Saguy, I hate to admit it but he was right. Thank you Saguy and sorry for the countless emails and 1 million phone calls!

Mr. & Mrs. Steinberg | Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
They have a lot to learn from this guy-
My company specializes in short term renovations and we have bought and sold 4 properties with Saguy in the last 1.5 years. Being in this business for over 15 years, I have dealt with MANY agents from various companies. Let’s just say they have a lot to learn from this guy. He shows up at every visit, returns all phone calls and has a great team working for him. 4 months ago, I came in for a minor repair in one our properties and as I walked in I saw Saguy sweeping the floor before a visit! Good luck beating that.
Thank you Saguy and don’t worry, I’ll keep you busy!

Avi E. | Hampstead
If you want a job well done, call him-
We found Saguy and his assistant to be very pleasant, prompt and committed to helping us find exactly what we were looking for in a revenue property. We appreciated that they always responded quickly to all correspondences and provided us with an abundance of information. We would highly recommend Saguy to anyone looking to purchase a revenue property or any property for that matter. If you want a job well done, call him.

Peter R. | Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
Saguy is a champ-
When we decided to sell our home we called 3 agents for interviews. No reason to mention names. They all came in with their fancy suits, designer briefcases bragging about how successful they were. Not me and wife’s style at all. We believe in talk less, do more! Saguy was lucky number 3. He gave us a great presentation, not speaking about himself but rather the product, our home. He showed us his sales, (which spoke for themselves) and introduced 2 different strategies on selling our home. We liked his approach and decided to sign with him exclusively. He was thoughtful, detail orientated and considerate.
We sold in 34 days at a price that the other agents claimed we would NEVER get. Saguy is a champ and he will be selling my parents house this summer!

Jeffery F. | Côte Saint-Luc
Excellent service obtenu-
Nous aimerions remercier sincèrement Saguy Elbaz et son équipe pour l’excellent service obtenu lors de la vente de notre propriété. Votre efficacité et votre compréhension de la situation immobilière du secteur ont amenaient les résultats positifs que l’on connaît. Pour tout cela, je vous en remercie de tout mon coeur. Je peux vous assurer que si le besoin était de refaire des transactions, je serais très heureuse de recommencer avec vous et vous recommander à toute autre personne.

Lynne T. | Brossard
Soutien indispensable-
Monsieur Elbaz m’a apporté ce soutien indispensable, par sa patience, ses précieux conseils et son souci constant de mener à bien la conclusion de la vente de mon condo. Saguy nous avez offert un excellent service. Sa disponibilité à toute heure, la mise en coordonnées avec les nouveaux acheteurs, les bons conseils sur l'offre d'achat, les références à un notaire réputé sont des attentions qui m'ont grandement facilité l'expérience immobilière. C’est ainsi que j’ai été à même de franchir cette étape de ma vie. En cela, je lui en suis très reconnaissant.
Merci mon cher!

Simone D. | Griffintown
Nous recommanderons Saguy-
Grâce au professionnalisme et à l’implication de Saguy Elbaz, notre propriété s’est vendu en un temps record. Nous étions stupéfié de la rapidité de la vente. Dès notre premier rendez-vous nous nous sommes senties en confiance. Nous recommanderons Saguy à nos amis pour le sérieux et l’excellent accueil dont vous nous avez fait preuve.

Samuel G. | Outremont
Très agréable!-
Vous vous êtes montré très efficace et de commerce très agréable,
une qualité fort appréciée étant donné les délicates négociations que nous avons dû mener.


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