Saguy has been a top producing broker at Sotheby’s International Realty Quebec for the past 12 years. Recognized for his negotiation skills, his marketing abilities and his deep knowledge of the local real estate market.

Saguy has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate and has completed well over 1,000+ successful transactions. Constantly featured in magazines, tv shows, social media platforms and contributes regularly to articles in The Gazette on various real estate topics. 

His cadence stems from the satisfaction of his customers. You will benefit from his extensive experience, attention to detail and his constant commitment.

In 2020, he opened his first storefront real estate boutique in Downtown Montreal. When working with him, you will benefit from his four full-time staff members, who are dedicated to their client’s growing needs. We know that real estate is one of the most important investments and our team is devoted to their success. 

Call Saguy today for a 20-minute no-obligation meeting and you will quickly see why he is a driving force in the Quebec real estate market.


In 2020, The Saguy Elbaz Team opened their first private office, a storefront real estate boutique in Downtown Montreal.

Our office is located in the Southam Building, built in the early 1900’s for Southam Printing Incorporated. 

Constructed during a time when no skyscraper could exceed 10 stories, the architects Brown and Vallance had the difficult task of balancing a design that would be both “tall” and “long”.  Undeniably, The Southam Building is a fantastic example of Montreal’s rich architectural history and industrial emergence during the turn of the last century. In 2011, this building was converted into loft style residential units. 

With the help of a designer and a construction team, we were able to turn this unit which was previously a gym, into a minimal and functional office. 


Lianna De Luca

Lianna’s real estate experience started in 2014. She became a residential real estate broker in 2017 working alongside Saguy Elbaz. She is talented at dealing with all the intricacies that a real estate transaction may bring. She has a reputation of patience, persistence and most importantly results. Her ability to connect with anyone through careful listening is one of her greatest strengths. She is detail oriented, hard working and kindhearted. Lianna is fluent in English and French.

Maria Cunningham

Licensed in both residential and commercial real estate, newcomer Maria Cunningham rounds up the line up at Team Saguy Elbaz. With several millions sold in her short time with us, she has proven to be efficient, aggressive and results oriented while keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground. Maria’s dedication to her clients is proof positive of this fact and it’s not uncommon to hear satisfied clients talk about her like a best friend, because it’s clear that she works for you like one.

Emmanuelle Sonego

Emma is the pillar of the office. As Saguy’s right hand woman, she assists him with all administrative tasks and coordinates appointments. She ensures all elements of sales or purchases are connected and that all communication with clients is handled with professionalism and confidentiality. She is attentive, reliable and energetic. 

Mahé Hatchuel

Mahé’s been part of The Saguy Elbaz Team for 4 years. Her academic journey in psychology/sociology and marketing gave her the tools to help build and grow the Saguy Elbaz brand. Creating a cohesive image on all social media platforms, website, advertising and events. Mahé is methodical and has a great attention to details. She’s calm, funny and well organized.

Diego Martinez

Newest member of our Team. Diego is an International business student with a concentration in Real Estate. He’s trilingual with a Spanish and Cuban heritage. Young. Ambitious. Passionate. Diego is always attentive and ready to help the marketing department in any way. Now responsible for the distribution of promotional contents.

Devon Jolander

Devon has been part of the Saguy Elbaz team since late 2022 as a client acquisition and customer service specialist. A recent addition to the team as a licensed real estate broker, he brings with him unparalleled communication skills that he acquired as a former teacher and popular radio announcer. With an enthusiastic personality, he grew his social media presence to over 130 000 followers proving he has an ability to convey a message that is well articulated and well received. Being born and raised in a bilingual household in the Eastern Townships and having lived in Montreal for a decade, he provides his clients within depth knowledge of the real estate landscape spanning from the big city, all the way to the countryside he grew up in.


Relocating from Montreal to Florida was a stressful time for me and my family. We had to list our house in Montreal with the pressures of finding a new one in Florida. We were worried and stressed! A family friend suggested that we contact Saguy Elbaz. Despite our many hesitations of using an agent, we did. We gave him a call, and the next day he came to our home, gave us an in-home evaluation & bluntly told us that he will sell our home. We signed with him based on his presentation and kept our fingers crossed. Saguy and his helpful assistant Alice came the following day with their Photographer and the process was underway. The reaction was excellent and Saguy kept us posted throughout, giving us detailed follow ups on visits and buyer’s hesitations. After we found our buyer, which we are still friends with now; Saguy put us in contact with an agent in Florida who found our lovely condo in Sunny Isles Florida. What was most impressive, Saguy kept in touch with the agent regularly and really gave her a feel on what we were looking for. Overall, Saguy turned this stressful situation into a pleasant change. He was professional, charming and did exactly what he promised. Highly recommended!

We found Saguy and his assistant to be very pleasant, prompt and committed to helping us find exactly what we were looking for in a revenue property. We appreciated that they always responded quickly to all correspondences and provided us with an abundance of information. We would highly recommend Saguy to anyone looking to purchase a revenue property or any property for that matter. If you want a job well done, call him.

I remember me and my husband’s nervousness and anxiety when we decided to stop renting and purchase our first home. That Sunday we decided to go visit the local open houses and get familiar with the surrounding market. After a couple visits, we visited Saguy’s open house on Av. Melrose in NDG. He was down to earth, informative and had a solid understanding of the NDG market. We asked him for his help and met him later that evening. He helped us to develop our ‘wish-list’, critically view properties and navigate our way through the real estate market. After 5 weeks we found our home thanks to his help. My husband told me he had a good feeling about Saguy, I hate to admit it but he was right. Thank you Saguy and sorry for the countless emails and 1 million phone calls!

I have dealt with many prestigious agents in the past, and I can tell you that very often I could not wait for those agents to leave my property. Saguy is different. He is a good listener and if he thinks he can do it, he will do whatever it takes. He will do it in his own way, at his own pace and with a lot of charm. No false promises, no harassment, but he always returns a missed call. I guess a lot of the oldies have to learn from this young man. I have recommended him in the past and will continue to do so. Please don’t change.

My work often keeps me away from the city and sometimes for long & unpredictable periods of time. This worried me a lot when I decided to buy my first condo last year. After meeting Saguy, and discussing with him exactly what I wanted, I felt reassured. He asked me all the right questions and brought up points I never even thought of. After 5 days of visits and seeing about 12 condos; We found it! Although I was willing to offer almost the asking price, Saguy insisted that we negotiate harder and saved me a considerable amount of money. He found what I wanted, at the price I felt comfortable with and did it in record time. 

Keep up the good work Saguy and thank you again for the Christmas basket.